Gyenesdiás Paintball

New colourful experiences in Gyenesdiás – A must-try for challenge seekers!

Experience something new in Gyenesdiás! Our holiday resort provides you with a new active programme with colours, excitement and great fun.

The new paintball fields are open during the season with the following opening hours:
8 am – 12 am; 2 pm – 6 pm, every day.

The fields are available also in autumn, but only at the weekends and with the previous registration.

Some information about paintball:

During the game, players try to mark opponent players with paintballs. The balls are made of gelatin capsules and all ingredients used in the making of a paintball are food-grade quality and are harmless to the participants and the environment. used to mark the opposing player with paintballs. Participants use markers which have a compressed air tank.
There are 3 fields with different themes.


You can use a marker with a compressed air tank up to the age of 14. Spring markers can be used up to 8 years.
The game is great fun for all ages, good programme for team building. Paintball is recommended to play with teams of 10-30 members.
Alcohol or drug consumption is forbidden in the field and in its surroundings.

Basic price: 3000 HUF (includes equipment)
Starting set of ammunition is compulsory to buy (200 balls).

​Ball prices:
Teams with 8-12 pers.: 15 HUF/ball
Teams with 13-20 pers.: 14 HUF/ball
Teams with 20-30 pers.: 12 HUF/ballTeams with 30-35 pers.: 10 HUF/ball

Players are provided with paintball markers, coveralls, masks, vests and gloves.​ It is highly recommended to wear shoes that are not too expensive or that are hard-wearing.


“Take down the castle”
“Capture the flag”
Team Deathmatch
“Capture the point”
“Occupy the territory”

Online registration: gyenespaintball.hu

For more information:
+36 30/608-3283
+36 20/802-8647