Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat

Complete your holiday with Tai Chi and create the harmony of body, soul and mind

Whether you are looking for a stress-relieving holiday, a relaxing form of exercise or an all-round healthy lifestyle, the Harmónia Tai Chi Retreat is the right place for you!

Tai Chi is a type of exercise that has soft movements and helps you to relax and train your body at the same time. Tai Chi is also proven to be stress-relieving and helps to calm your mind. It enhances awareness of the body, improves concentration and works on balance. Tai Chi exercises can be started without any prior sports experience and are recommended for any age group.

Qigong is a very effective method for internal healing and strengthening. The full-body exercises are easy to learn and you will benefit from their positive effects from the first time you try them. It stimulates our body’s self-healing processes by balancing and cleaning the body’s natural energy systems.

In meditation, we learn how to turn our attention inward and get in touch with our inner spiritual world. During meditation, we learn how to open our minds and relax both physically and mentally. Through meditation, we learn the correct breathing techniques that also have a calming effect on our body and mind.

Coaching is a supportive activity in the form of a personal conversation that allows us to learn how to live our lives more effectively, how to increase our self-confidence and discover our personal strengths.

Making full use of the beautiful and tranquil environment around Gyenesdiás, we guarantee our visitors a unique and warm atmosphere for training, relaxation and personal development.

We are open at the weekends and on weekdays on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday!

In order to attend lessons or make an appointment, pre-registration is required by telephone or e-mail.

+36 20 417 37 16


Address: 8315, Gyenesdiás, Gödörházy Street 28


For more information please check our website: www.harmoniataichiretreat.com