Fun park in the Dias Beach

Buy a day-ticket in the Fun park, and you will have great fun on the Diás Beach all day long!

With a day-ticket you can use the following toys/services in the Fun park all day long:
-giant waterslide
-table tennis
-trampoline for 8 people
-table football
-and beach kayak for half an hour!

There is also a paddle boat and SUP rental in the Fun park.

The daily tickets are available at the waterslide or at the paddle boat rental.

Prices in 2024:
Fun park (armband)
– 10 am-6 pm: 3500 HUF
– 3.30 pm-6 pm: 2500 HUF

Pedal boat
– 1 hour: 5000 HUF
– half an hour: 3500 HUF

Snooky (crocodile-kayak)
– 1 hour: 2000 HUF
– half an hour: 1500 HUF

– 1 hour: 3000 HUF
– half an hour: 2500 HUF

– 1 hour: 3500 HUF
– half an hour: 2500 HUF

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