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Night clubs – suggested trips

In Vonyarcvashegy “Magyar Tenger” is the most popular nightclub. Club of Colors is located next to the roundabout near McDonald’s.

On the mainroad 71 in the direction of Keszthely, on the right there is a green building with a grey roof.

Emergency-Tel. 107 – Police = Rendőrség

Post office
The post office in Gyenesdiás is not easy to find: go down Madách u. (that brings to the Beach of Diás) at the campsite turn left (Tulipán u.) and you will find the small building on the left. Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (closed: 12am-12.30am)


230 Volts

Real estate
Balaton 1A West Center Real Estate, Wipfler Ibolya
8315 Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi u. 2/5.
Tel: +36 83/200-055, +36 30/265-7150,


A really adventurous holiday shouldn’t be without the physical exercise and trial of the steep routes, lanes of the hill, or an unforgettable trip around Lake Balaton.
You can rent a bike in our Tourinform office (Hunyadi street 2.) or in Madách str. 30  (Takács Rent-a-bike) or in the Wellness Hotel Katalin (Szent István street 5.) or in Caravan Camping (Madách street 43).
For tips, cycling routes and map visit the Tourinform office.

Restaurants (members of the Tourist Association): Visit Torony Csárda at the eastern end of the village; Sporthouse Restaurant is also worth to try; in Piroska Csárda you can eat delicious Transylvanian meals; in Anita Restaurant you will be provided with great traditional dishes and menus. On the way to Nagymező (Big Meadow) is the Szent Ilona Csárda. In the high season, light summer dishes are available in Komáromy Pizzeria in the Diás Beach (the pizzeria will be closed in 2023!), and in Friends Bistro in the Lido Beach.

Next to the pharmacy in Kossuth L. str. 89., in the Sporthouse an infra sauna for 3 is waiting for those, who want to relax.  Phone:+36 83/510-330

Ships on Lake Balaton
From the Harbour of Keszthely round trips are available. It takes 1 or 3 hours. It is also possible to go to Balatongyörök, Szigliget or Badacsony by ship. Between Tihany and Szántód there is a ferry. For time tables please visit the Tourinform office.

Have you ever tried skeet-shooting? Sport shooting is also available on the shooting course near “Big Meadow” (Nagymező) where the European Championship was held as well.

You can find lots of grocer’s store which are open every day.

Next to the pharmacy in Kossuth L. str. 89. in the Sporthouse. Phone: +36 83/510-330

Spa Hévíz
One of the largest natural thermal lakes of Europe is located here. It is renowned all over the world for its thermal water which offers recovery from a number of locomotive disorders. The Hévízi Lake with its 50,000 m2 surface has a water discharge of 80 million litres per day, which means that the entire lake is practically refilled with new water every 28 hours. The water temperature is approximately 33-35°C in the summer, but it does not go below 22°C in winter, either, thus open-air bathing is possible even on cold days.
Suggestion: bathing not longer than 30 mins at one time. Not for kids!

Next to the pharmacy in Kossuth L. str. 89., in the Sporthouse 2 modern squash courts with airconditioning are waiting for the guests. Squash rackets are to rent. Phone: +36 83/510-330

Storms on the Lake Balaton come pretty quickly. Please check out the storm-signal on different spots on the shore like Hotel Helikon in Keszthely:
– 45 twinkles in 60 seconds: be careful, storm may be approaching
– 90 twinkles in 60 seconde: danger, storm coming

Sunburn danger
Between 11 am and 3 pm sunbathing is not suggested (or only with sunlotion)