Information from T to Z

Telephone – Extra wishes

For Hungary dial +36, for Gyenesdiás 83, for mobil 30, 20 or 70, and then the phone number.

In the Wellness Hotel Katalin, Phone:  +36 83/311-324

Prices in restaurants do not include service charges. If you are satisfied with the service, you can give a tip to the waiter: about 10 % of your bill. The same is valid for cabs, hairdressers and other services.

All Motorways with toll. A vignette can be bought at petrol stations, online, and on the borders. More information find You here.

TOURINFORM (Tourist Information)
For information about sights, trips, programs, accommodation, restaurants, etc, please visit the Tourinform office beside the Village Hall, Hunyadi u. 2. Tel: +36 83/511-790, E-mail: gyenesdias@tourinform.hu, Internet: www.gyenesdias.info.hu

Tourist tax
Everyone over 18 years has to pay tourist tax which is in 2017 440,- Ft per person per night. The local government will collect the amount from the quarter-master paid by the guests. An official guestbook has to be filled in, too.

Motorboats on Lake Balaton are forbidden. Kayaks, canoes and dinghies brought with you are allowed on the water and you will find paddle boats to rent on most of the beaches.
Speed limits for cars on motorways: 130km/h, on the open roads 90, and in built-up area 50 km/h. Petrol is available all over Hungary. Headlights and seatbelts are obligatory at all times. Alcohol limit: 0,0%.

Travel documents
Although Hungary is a member of the EU, an ID card or passport is still necessary to enter the country. Citizens of the EU can stay without a visa for 3 months.

Travelling with animals
Animals can be brought to Hungary with a valid vaccination card.

Information about day trips is available in the Tourinform office (next to the Village Hall). These trips can be booked in travel agencies.
About sights and trips in the surroundings please see also: Suggested trips, sights.

X-tra wishes
Our list of useful information is ongoing, it will be renewed and replenished from time to time. We would appreciate it, if you let us know any mistakes, defects or faults. If there is some important information missing from the list, please let us know.