Festetics Lookout Tower Being Renewed

One of the most beautiful places in the surroundings of the village is being renewed. Soon you can enjoy the astonishing view of the hills and the Lake from the restored Festetics Lookout Tower.

Festetics Lookout Tower Being Renewed – Updates For Hikers

Hikers are welcome in the Keszthely Hills to visit the several lookout points with beautiful panoramas. One of these places – the Festetics Lookout Tower – has been closed recently and hikers are not allowed to enter. The place was declared a construction site on 19th August 2021 and the renewal is expected to take several weeks (months?).

The good news is that we have many more places to visit in the hills. If you are planning a hiking tour, please visit our tips and tour collection on this website or drop by the Tourinform office in Gyenesdiás.

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We wish you a joyful hiking experience in the beautiful Keszthely Hills!