10 active days in the West-Balaton Region

The West-Balaton Region offers you exciting places to visit and an unforgettable experience. To find these opportunities we have compiled you a useful list how to spend 10 active days.
Let’s go!

We would like to show you that besides the beautiful beaches around the Lake Balaton, many other exciting sights are waiting for you to be explored, even on cloudy days. A beautiful experience is guaranteed.

Let’s see how to spend 10 really active days in this exciting area. We collected you the most attractive places to visit. You can choose from our tips to organise an unforgettable holiday for yourself.

10 active days in the West-Balaton Region

1. In the footsteps of the ‘Witness hills’: The Castle of Szigliget is one of the most popular places to visit at the Balaton Highlands. It was built in the 13th century and offers a picturesque view of Lake Balaton and its volcanic mountains. It is worth taking a romantic walk on the cosy streets of Szigliget and visiting the ancient wine cellar of Earl Eszterházy. You can easily get to the famous basalt organs of St. George Hill next to the main road between Tapolca and Raposka. Along the 4-kilometre-long nature trail, information boards will help you to get to know the protected wildlife of the territory.

2. Cycling day: If you cycle to the south along the Balaton Bike Ring, you will soon get to Balatonmáriafürdő, from where you can cross the lake by ferry and get to the northern shore. From Balatongyörök on your way back to Gyenesdiás stop for a visit at the magical St Michael Chapel in Vonyarcvashegy. From the 134-meter-high hill, you will have a beautiful view of Lake Balaton. If you have some energy to spare, ride up to the Keszthely Hill and visit the Kitaibel look-out tower. At the end of the day, you definitely deserve a nice rest at the ice cream parlour Bringatanya in Gyenesdiás where you can try out homemade ice cream specialities and get refreshing drinks. A few steps further the market awaits you with its local

3. Motto of today: Concentration! Look up the sports shooting range in Gyenesdiás situated by the foot of Keszthely Hills. In the attractive landscape, you can test your marksman skills at clay pigeon shooting under expert guidance on open days. For another exciting program visit the golf course in Balatongyörök. If you are in Balatongyörök, do not miss Kajdi master’s yard, who will show you the secret of glass and lead crystal grinding.

4. Conquer the mountains: The largest Buddhist sanctuary in Europe, Stupa is in Zalaszántó. After a meditation the nearby Kotsy watermill is also well worth visiting. Do not miss to take a walk, in the so-called basalt corridor of the Kovácsi Hill, which is a nature reserve, visit the ruins of the Tátika Castle on the top of Tátika Hill, and the Rezi Castle built in 14th century, that belonged to the border fortresses of the Balaton Highlands.

5. Cultural programme in the capital city of West-Balaton: Various interesting exhibitions, museums await you in Keszthely: visit the picturesque Festetics Castle and its English Garden. The castle gives home to several exhibitions: the life of Festetics family, unique collection of carriages, palm house with bird park, a model railway on a 500 m2 area and hunting exhibition, Amazon House. Further interesting exhibitions are in the downtown. It is also worth to visit the Balaton Museum, Cadillac Museum, the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture and Heritage Park.

6. Love is in the wine: Cosy, intimate wineries, cellars are waiting for you in Badacsony. Beautiful romantic places to visit, such as House of Szegedy Róza, Kisfaludy look-out tower, Rose Stone, Basalt organs. Do not forget your camera at home!

7. Charge your body and soul: You can choose from various great thermal bathes and family spas such as Zalakaros, Kehidakustány, Zalaszentgrót, and the lake of Hévíz, the largest biologically active, natural medicinal water in the world. After a relaxing swim among the blooming water lilies, you may take a walk in the recently renewed city centre of Hévíz. With sightseeing train, dotto you can travel to Egregy to make the day in Hévíz richer in experiences by wine tasting in the winery row. If you would like to see more from this beautiful landscape take a journey with Balaton Ballooning.

8. Hiking tour to Büdöskút: The starting point of our walking tour is the Nagymező (Big Meadow) which is one of the most popular centres for trips and outings in the forests of the Keszthely Hills. On the yellow marked hiking path, you get to the Berzsenyi look-out tower, then to Büdöskút (Smelly Well) resting point. Meanwhile, you can take a detour to Pad-kő (Bench Stone) look-out tower on the green marked path. From the hunting lodge at Büdöskút walk on the red marked path to Vadvíz-árok (Wild Water Pit). Before returning back to Big Meadow, or even visiting the shooting field there, have a rest next to the Hatlábú pajta (Sixth legged barn).

9. Magical Kis-Balaton region: Spend a magical day on your bike around the Kis-Balaton (about 65 km). First stop on Fenékpuszta by the fourhundred-years-old toll-house, and later on in Vörs where you can enjoy the view of the Kis-Balaton from the look-out tower. Don’t miss to visit the buffalo preserve in Kápolnapuszta. The Kányavári Isle is a part of the lacustrine habitat of the Balaton Minor which may be visited free of charge. The lookouts provide an incomparable view of this unique realm of birds. From the wooden bird watching huts in Balatonhídvég you can observe a real bird paradise. The Kis-Balaton House located in Zalavár looks forward to welcoming visitors with an interactive exhibition and a water playground next to it. You get back to Gyenesdiás through Alsópáhok.

10. Rolling hills: Let’s discover Zala river valley today! The Zalacsányer outdoor centre is easily accessible from the main road no.76, where you can find the Körtvélyesi nature trail. The Zalacsány lake attracts anglers with its rich stock of fish, and above the lake, visitors can admire the beautiful beech forests. The Kehida health and thermal spa in Kehidakustány offers fun and recreation. The most famous monument of Kehidakustány is the Deák Mansion. Here lived Ferenc Deák one of the most famous Hungarian statesmen (known as „The Wise Man of the Nation”). About 2 kms from the mansion can be found the Deák Fountain. Next to the fountain runs the Ley Line (St. Georg Line) which has positive effect to the human immune system. In Kallósd stop for visiting the unique Romanesque rotunda, the St. Anne Church built in the 13th Century. A beautiful view is waiting for you also on your way back home through Zalaköveskút, Nemesbük and Hévíz.

West-Balaton – the region where uncountable adventure and experience is waiting for the whole family!

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