A really adventurous holiday can’t miss the physical exercise and trial on the teepy routes, lanes of the hill, or an unforgetable trip around the Lake Balaton.

Whether you choose trails or bike paths, you can take pleasant trips or learn more about the West-Balaton region.

Rent a bike services:

Takács Rent-a-bike station: +36/83/316-526
Wellness Hotel Katalin: +36/83/311-324
Caravan camping +36/30/391-8307
Tourinform Gyenesdiás +36/83/511-790

For tips, cycling routes and map visit the Tourinform office next to the Village Hall.

Further information:
Tourinform Gyenesdiás
H-8315 Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi u. 2.
Tel: (0036) 83/511-790
Email: gyenesdias@tourinform.hu