General information on the Fish and small farmers’ market

Come and take a stroll through the market, and you will spend a great time there.

OPEN in 2018
7th April 30th September
Market days: SAT-SUN from 10 am -9 pm
In the Summer daily open market, that means also during the week, from Monday until Friday: from 4 pm-9pm

The following farmers await the guests:

Hóbár Halbár (fish dishes),
Kisgömböc (meat products)
Rádi Borozó (wine)
Zölderő (goat milk products)
Nyelvelő (chimney cake, syrup)
Retro Lángos és Palacsintaház (pancakes, Hungarian flatbread)
Vega Oázis (vegetarian and fish dishes)
Trend2 (snaps)

Gyenesdiás, the family friendly resort village of West-Balaton Region is looking forward to welcome you!

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