Culinary events in Gyenesdiás

During the year several joyous festivals with gastronomy as well await you. If you have the chance, be part of these events!

25th February Shopping Day at the Market

1st March Donut Party on Fat Tuesday (Village Hall)
25th March Shopping Day at the Market

8th-9th April Season opening of the Market, Preparing for Easter Kids’ club and Easter petting zoo (Village Hall)
23rd-24th April Budding Spring Festival at the Big Meadow
29th April Shopping Day at the Market

27th May Shopping Day at the Market

15th June Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
22nd June Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
24th June Shopping Day at the Market
29th June Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)

2-3rd July Gyenesdiás Bream Festival (Market)
6th July Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
14-17th July Gyenesdiás Wine Festival (Kárpáti Park)
29th July Shopping Day at the Market

11-13th August ‘Korzó’ Evenings – pop concerts and a great party (Kárpáti Park)
19-20th August Diás Historical Days – State Founding Celebration (Diás Historical Park)
26th August Shopping Day at the Market

3rd September Grape Harvest Festival – procession, folklore performances, artisan fair, harvest party (Market)
10th September Taste Gyenesdiás Culinary Tour – delicious dishes and tasty wines at several restaurants
10th September Miraculous Deer‘ Family Day at the Festetics Imre Experience Centre
17th September Gyenesdiás Potato Festival – potato sales, cooking competitions, family programmes (Market)
30th September Shopping Day at the Market

28th October Shopping Day at the Market

12th November St Martin’s Day in Gyenesdiás
25th November Shopping Day at the Market

10-11th December Advent Chestnut Roasting & Xmas Fair (Village Hall)
30th December Shopping Day at the Market

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