Guest opinions

Our services’ quality must be judged by our guests. Let’s see how they perceive our work.

We make every year a guest satisfaction survey, and we put this question to our quests: “Do you think Gyenesdiás is family-friendly?” Theese are some of the answers:

  • “There are many common programmes.”
  • “Everybody finds a programm for him/herself.”
  • “Calm, nice village.”
  • “Yes, because of sportive and cultural programmes.”
  • “The kids have a lot of fun.”
  • “There are many possibilities to enjoy yourself.”
  • “There aren’t any dangerous games. The kids can play over a long time alone.”
  • “Both beaches are really kids-oriented.”
  • “The distances are small, there are many toys and the food is delicious.”
  • “There are many programmes for the kids, and a lot of playground.”
  • ” There are animation programmes, a baby-mommy room and a playground on the beach.”
  • ” You can relax actively.”
  • “I can find here everything what is important to my family.”