Guest reviews of the beaches

What do our guests think of our beaches? Let us share some of the feedbacks

It has been always important for us to get feedback, get know the opinion our guests in order to develope tourism in Gyenesdiás, that is why we do yearly guest satisfaction surway.

Let us share some comments about our beaches in Gyenesdiás.

Diás Beach
“Clean, high-class, just beautiful!”
“The beach in Diás is very nice. There are a lot of outdoor games for kids! ”
“Child-friendly, friendly, many programmes, etc.”
“Good music played on the beach radio.”
“Various programmes and games for children, mini disco, Beach Volleyball Tournament”
“Many possibilities”
“Atmospheric, the beach radio is great with the important information”
“Clean, nice facility, lots of services.”
“Many programmes, family-friendly, everything is there.”
“The beach radio is informative and entertaining; the animation programmes are great. ”
“Many opportunities for my son, water aerobics, the beach radio is a good idea.”
“Beautiful facility, the beach radio shares useful information more times a day”

Gyenes Beach
“Very calm”
“Nice and familiar, cheap”

We await you, too! Try and enjoy our beaches!