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More experience for less money during your vacation in Gyenesdiás at Lake Balaton! Discover the touristic offer of the West-Balaton region with Gyenesdiás Plus. Book at a partner accommodation of the Tourism Association to experience more for less money.

Have more fun for less money!

The Tourist Association in Gyenesdiás offers for the guests staying at any partner accommodation a fabulous service: WB Gyenesdiás Plus advantage card. Every host you find on this website is a member of the Tourist Association, so the card is available only by them.

You can enjoy your holiday at much-reduced prices in our village and in the West-Balaton region. With the one-week card, you get free entrance to both beaches of Gyenesdiás, and further discounts on other fees to programmes, attractions offered in the village and in the region.

Prices in 2023:
Adults: 4.800 HUF/person
Children between 4-14 years: 3.400 HUF/person

 And let’s see an example of how much can be saved for a family with two children thanks two the advantage card!

Services without the card you pay with the card you pay


Entrance to the Diás beach 5 times

16 500 HUF


16 500 HUF

2x lunch on the beach (7 500 HUF/lunch)

15 000 HUF

13 500 HUF

1 500 HUF

1 x dinner in a restaurant for the family

12 000 HUF

10 800 HUF

1 200 HUF

Bikes for the whole family for 1 day

16 000 HUF

11 200 HUF

4 800 HUF

Visting the Festetics Imre Animal Park & House of Nature Visitor Centre 5 000 HUF 4 250 HUF 750 HUF
Pleasure boat (1-hour programme) 7 500 HUF 6 375 HUF 1 125 HUF
1-hour bowling in the  Sporthouse

5 000 HUF

4 500 HUF

500 HUF

Buying souvenirs and beach accessories in Vaszi Beach Shop

3 000 HUF

2 700 HUF

300 HUF


80 000 HUF

53 325 HUF

26 675 HUF

The cards cost

16 400 HUF

Total savings for you

10 275 HUF

And we didn’t mention the discounts offered by thermal baths, museums, etc. yet.

 “On the next summer holiday count….with us!”

Please note: The WB Gyenesdiás Plus Card is only available at your host, in case you are staying at one of the partners of the Tourism Association in Gyenesdiás.

Further information:

H-8315 Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi u. 2.
Tel.: +36 83/511-790