Events in Gyenesdiás 2023

Music, gastronomy, culture, family and sport events in Gyenesdiás in 2023

No year can pass without amazing programs and events in Gyenesdiás, the family-friendly resort village of the West-Balaton region.
Gyenesdiás offers numerous activities and a wide range of programmes and events.
Have fun and enjoy your stay in Gyenesdiás!


EVENTS in 2023:

27th January Shopping Day at the Market
28th January Carnival with the Animals (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)

21st February Donut Party on Fat Tuesday (Village Hall)
24th February Shopping Day at the Market

12th March Spring Family Day (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)
31st March Season opening of the Market

1st April Preparing for Easter Kids’ club and Easter petting zoo (Village Hall)
7th April Hunny Bunny Festival (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)
10th April Easter Sprinkling (Watermill)
22nd April Country House Museum Day – family programs (Herdsman’s House, Watermill)
22rd-23th April Budding Spring Festival at the Big Meadow
28th April Shopping Day at the Market
29th April Musical evening at the Market

1st May May-Day at the Market
21st May: Children’s Day in the Festetics Imre Experience Centre
25-28th May Los An Gyenes – Rockabilly Weekend and American Car-Meeting (Caravan Camping Gyenesdiás)
26th May Shopping Day at the Market
27-28th May Maypole Dancing and Children’s Day (Kárpáti Park, Market)
30th May Cellar Opening (Miska Cottage)

9th June Exhibition opening (Village Hall)
14th June Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
21st June Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
23rd-25th June “Healing Pearl” Festival – Healing of the body and soul, natural cures (Big Meadow/Nagymező)
24th June Magic on Midsummer Night (Gyenes Beach)
28th June Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
30th June Summer Opening Party at the Dream Beach Cocktail Bar (Diás Beach
30th June Shopping Day at the Market

1st-2nd July Gyenesdiás Bream Festival (Market)
5th July Art & Wine Evenings – Music and Performance (Village Hall)
13-16th July Gyenesdiás Wine Festival (Kárpáti Park)
21st July Exhibition opening (Village Hall)
21st July Night at the Diás Beach
DUE TO THE WEATHER CANCELLED! 22nd July ART Beach (Gyenes Beach)
28th July Shopping Day at the Market
29th-30th July MASTAFF Special and Club Show (Kárpáti Park)
29th July Sports day (Gyenes Beach)

4th August Live Music Night at the Dream Beach Cocktail Bar (Diás Beach)
6th August Experiences on the Beach – Art Beach (Gyenes Beach)
10-12th August International Wood-carver Competition (Kárpáti Park)
10-12th August ‘Korzó’ Evenings – pop concerts and a great party (Kárpáti Park)
19th August Exhibition opening (Village Hall)
20th August Festetics Horse Race – qualifying round of the National Gallop (Faludi field)
20th August Dream Beach Party on the Night of the State Founding (Diás Beach)
23-27th August Offroad Festival (Faludi field, Offroad-Tracks)
24-26th August VW Beetle Summer’s End Meeting (Caravan Campsite)
25th August Shopping Day at the Market
26th or 27th August (depending on the weather) Night of the Zoo (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)
26th August Season Finale Party at the Dream Beach Cocktail Bar (Diás Beach)
26th August Art Beach (Gyenes Beach)

3rd September Miraculous Deer Festival (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)
9th September Grape Harvest Festival – procession, folklore performances, artisan fair, harvest party (Market)
15th September Exhibition opening (Village Hall)
CHANGE OF DATE!!!!!!!! 30th September Gyenesdiás Potato Festival – potato sales, cooking competitions, family programmes (Market)
29th September Shopping Day at the Market
29th September Feast of Saint Michael (Miska Cottage)

2nd October World Music Day (Village Hall)
7th October Vadlán Ultra Trail – Cross-country running event (Keszthely Hills)
8th October Day of the Animals (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)
27th October Shopping Day at the Market
27th October Halloween (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)

12th November St Martin’s Day in Gyenesdiás
24th November Shopping Day at the Market

1st-24th December the Lights of Advent come to Gyenesdiás
2nd December Advent Candle Lighting Ceremony (nativity scene, Village Hall)
2nd-3rd December Advent Chestnut Roasting and Christmas Fair (Village Hall)
2nd-3rd December St. Nicolas Day and Advent Weekend (Festetics Imre Experience Centre)
6th December Santa Claus Day (Village Hall)
9th December Advent Candle Lighting Ceremony (nativity scene, Village Hall)
16th December Advent Candle Lighting Ceremony (nativity scene, Village Hall)
23rd December Advent Candle Lighting Ceremony (nativity scene, Village Hall)
29th December Shopping Day at the Market
30th December Pre-New Year’s Eve Hiking Tour (assembly point: Village Hall)

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The programs can be subjects of change!