Marketplace in Gyenesdiás
Gyenesdiás, Madách Street, Marketplace and Event Centre
Tel.: +36 70/567-4628


Marketplace in Gyenesdiás

Marketplace at the Kárpáti Korzó, Madách St, Gyenesdiás
The marketplace is surrounded by nine market stalls, where you can buy meals of meat, BBQ, fish, fast food, as well as goat milk products, salads, fruits, homemade syrups and alcoholic beverages.

Market stalls:


Hóbár Fishbar awaits its guests with various delicious fish meals. The family-run business offers fresh fried fish meals of carp, bream, catfish, trout and hake. They also have fish soup, carp chips, fish on a spit, and fish gyros on their menu.

Further information:
Péter Hóbár
Tel.: +36 30/337-8325


Wines from local producers, schnapps, syrups, craft beers, coffee are available in our wine bar. You are warmly welcome.

Further information:
Zsoltné Hegyi
Tel.: +36 30/620-6050


Our main delicacies: pork sausages, freshly grilled. We also offer burgers, mixed salads, chicken steaks and fried cauliflower, craft beer and healthy fruit juice. We await our guests every day of the week.

Further information:
László Nagy
Tel.: +36 30/9974-070


A selection of homemade goat milk and goat cheese. Furthermore, other cheese buffet dishes: artisan burger (meat and vegan), grilled and baked cheese made from homemade cheese, Greek salad with feta, syrups, juices, dxn Ganoderma coffee, etc. Opening times: 4 pm-9 pm.

Further information:
Beáta László
Tel.: +36 70/567-4628


Delicacies: ‘langos’, pancakes, corn on the cob, homemade syrup, lemonade and fruit.

Further information:
Richard Lambert
Tel.: +36 30/530-5157

OASIS Egészség TÁR

A variety of vegetarian and semi-vegetarian dishes. From our menu: Chicken dishes, fish dishes, ‘dödölle’, ‘tócsi’, soups, stews, home-baked potatoes, gluten- and lactose-free dishes, home-made syrups, fruit drinks, home-made beer.

Further information:
László Kondics
Tel.: +36 30/859-5485


Pizzas, ‘kürtőskalács’ (horn cakes) and waffles are offered as well as homemade syrups.

Further information:
Jenifer Pingár
Tel.: +36 30/633-9171




Zwack, Törley and Sörművek products, local wines, syrups, lemonades, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Further information:
László Halász
Tel.: +36 70/223-3465

Visit the market in Gyenesdias and try the various offers of the wooden houses with summer music in the background.
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Market manager: Bea László
Tel .: +36 70 / 567-4628






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