Programm tips for groups

Are you looking for fun and engaging corporate team building activities? Gyenesdiás, the family friendly village of West-Balaton region welcomes you with a wide range of options!

In the followings you can read about those programmes that are perfect for a team building, bachelor(ette) party or even school classes.
For further details please click on the names of the various programmes. In case of groups or teams previous registration is required!

The Avars Exhibition
On the trail of unique Avar archaeological findings in Gyenesdiás ….
Max. number of visitors: 12 people
Entrance fee: free of charge
Duration: about. 40 minutes
Time:: from May until September Tuesday-Saturday 5-7pm
8315 Gyenesdiás , Kossuth L. str. 97.,
Tel.: +36 83/314-507

Natural sightseeings, walking tours:
Free of charge, previous registration is not required.
Walking maps are available in Tourinform office
– Keszthely-hills, Great Meadow- center for walking tours
– Festetics-lookout towers és Berzsenyi-lookout towers
– Vadlánlik cave
– Dolomit nature trail to the Light Cross

Shooting range
Skeet shooting four times a week on the shooting range.
Max. number of participant: 10 people
Entrance fee: 5.000 Ft/rotte (25 shots)
Duration: min. 1 hour
Time: all the year on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm
Registration at least 3 days before
8315 Gyenesdiás, Lőtér, Lőtéri str.
Tel.: +36 83 511 790 Tourinform Gyenesdiás
Email: keczeli.zoltan@gmail.com

Darnay cellar – Wine tasting
An excellent way to experience many different types of wines of local wineries with folklore music.
Max. number of participant: 30 people (only above 18 year!)
Duration: min. 1,5-2 hours
Time: from May until October on Wednesday
Registration, further information:
8315 Gyenesdiás, Darnay str. 10.
Tel.:+36 30/938-1588
Email: adarnaypince@gmail.com

J&A Pottery House
Creativ workshops, modelling with clay
Max. number of participant: 20 people
Fee: 500 Ft/person (The price includes the finishing works and burning process as well.)
Duration: min. 15-20 minutes/person

Making pottery

Max. number of participant: 8 people
Fee: 1.000 Ft/fő (The price includes the finishing works and burning process as well.)
Duration: about. 30 minutes/person
Time: all the year in case of previous registration.
8315 Gyenesdiás , Kossuth L. str. 103.,
Tel.: +36 70/208-1325

Creative workshop in the Herdsman’s House
Come to the Herdsman’s house and learn how to make nice wire jewellery or a pretty sabretache
Max. number of participant: 8 people
Fee: 300 Ft/person
Duration: 1 hour
Time: from May until September Tuesday 9am-12am
8315 Gyenesdiás , Kossuth L. str. 97.
Tel: +36 83 314-507

Visiting the smithy
Learn more about the process of metal forging and what exactly blacksmiths do!.
Fee: 500,-Ft/adults and 300,-Ft kids (workshop)
Duration: min. 1 hour
Time: all the year, previous registration is required
8315 Gyenesdiás, Pilikáni str. 53.
Tel: +36 30/255-1128 (workshop)

Livi’s Animal farm
Do you feel like milking a goat, or maybe your kids would like to feed little animals?
Max. number of participants: 10 people
Entrance fee: 400Ft/person
Duration: about. 1 hour
Time: all the year on Thursday 10-12 am, from 1st July until 20th August on Monday and Saturday as well
8315 Gyenesdiás, József Attila. str. 5.
Tel.: +36 30/901-2424

Bowling, billiard, squash.
Max. number of participants: 18-24 people
Entrance fee: individual
Duartion: min. 1 hour
Time: all the year
8315 Gyenesdiás, Kossuth L. str. 89.
Tel.: +36 83/510-330

Bicycle tours
On demand bicycles and maps are available in the Tourinform office.
Guided biking tours are also available organised by Caravan Bike.
Tourinform Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi str. 2.
Tel: +36 83/511-790

High ropes course Attention! It is closed in 2018!