Blue Wave Flag award for both beaches in Gyenesdiás

‘Shower of stars’ at the beaches in Gyenesdiás again

We are proud to announce that both of our beaches have been awarded again in 2023:

Both the Diás Beach and the Gyenes Beach reacquired the Blue Wave Flag Award in 2023 with 5 stars.

In order to qualify for the Blue Wave Flag, a series of criteria must be met and maintained.

Awards in the past years:

In 2020 the Diás Beach became the best beach at the Lake Balaton with the most points and also received the title “best-prepared beach in the pandemic situation”, too. The beach obtained the Blue Wave Flag award in 2019 with 5 stars and retained the title “family-friendly beach of Balaton”. In 2019 the Gyenes Beach also got the Blue Wave Flag award with 4 stars.