Pottery House and Miska Cottage

It is worth getting lost in the magical ‘ceramic forest’ of the Pék family, for a longer or shorter period of time.

Arriving in Gyenesdiás, one of the most characteristic buildings is the J&A Pottery House, which was taken under the wings of the Pék family, who have been restoring their buildings with respect to traditions, architecture heritages and cultural values. The nearly 160-year-old mud-hut with a thatched roof was restored in 1992.

The family awaits visitors with three units: the Pottery House,  the Pottery, and the Miska Cottage.

In the Pottery House, there is a beautiful collection of ceramics from the most significant pottery regions of Hungary, and visitors can also buy those handicrafts if they wish.

At the Pottery, you can learn the tricks of the trade and learn exciting secrets. The small ‘zoo’ at the well is home to various (ceramic) animal families. In the ‘Gift Corner’, every child can choose a small souvenir for themselves.

The latest dream of the Pék family came true when they finished their new building, the Miska Cottage. The building has a very special story. It was transported to Gyenesdiás, then rebuilt and restored with tireless endurance and the careful work of András. The building is home to a special collection and an old wine press, into which the master engraved the year 1851 at the time.

Guaranteed program
See how the pots are made, and if you feel like it, you can even try it. Only in low-season, with pre-registration.
Where? 103 Kossuth Lajos St, Gyenesdiás
Tel.: +36 31/781-9276; +36 31/782-5109 (registration)
Program fee: 2 500 HUF / person