Festetics Herb Garden & Herbarium at the Diás Water Mill

Herb Garden and Herbarium with delicious herb teas and herb products in the beautiful environment of the Diás Water Mill.


Adults and also children are warmly welcome in the new Festetics Herb Garden & Herbarium at the Diás Water Mill, where you can taste great herb products, like teas and syrups. If you are interested in the beneficial effects of spices and herbs, you will love this place.

The Bakery Museum and the Herbarium have opening hours, the Herb Garden can be visited any time.
All of the attractions are free to visit.

Opening hours:
1 February – 30 May: Sa-Su 1 pm – 5 pm
31 May- 31 August: Tue-Su 12 am – 6 pm (closed on Mondays)
1 September – 30 September: Wed-Su 12 am – 5 pm

You can approach the mill from the main road No. 71, or from the Balaton Bike Route, along the Forrás Educational Trail.
Address: 5 Malom St., Gyenesdiás
GPS: 46.765499, 17.299972

Further information:
Kakukkfű Porta
Tel.: +36 20/348-6368


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Tel.: +36 83/511-790