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Fire department – museums

Fire department
Emergency-Tel. 105

Sitting in a boat with a fishing-rod in your hand when the sun is rising is the experience of a life-time. Catching fish early in the morning is not a bad start to the day. You can also join the local fishermen in their fishing-site to have fun enjoy barbecueing in a friendly atmosphere.
For fishing in the Lake Balaton a licence is necessary. It can be bought in angler shops Gyenesdiás, Madách street or  in Keszthely or in Vonyarcvashegy.

In the Wellness Hotel Katalin different machines are waiting for those who want to exercise: rowing, cycling, etc. Phone: +36 83/311-324

Hairdresser in Hungary have decent prices. Beauty salon: Wellness Hotel Katalin Beautysalon. Make an appointment personally or by phone: +36 83/311-324 or Castelinho Hairsaloon in Madách street 22. Tel: +36 30/4739712

Holidays in Hungary
1st January: New Year’s day; 15th March: National holiday – celebration of the revolution in 1848; Goodfriday; Eastermonday; Whit Monday; 1st May: Day of Work; 20th August: Saint Stephen’s Day; 23rd October: Day of Republic; 1st November: All Saints Day; 25th-26th December: Christmas

Emergency Tel: 104
Hospital in Keszthely on the left side of the road 71 opposite to the church – approx. 100 m befor the trafficlights. Mo-Fr: 5.00 pm – 7.00 am, Weekends: Fr. 5:00 pm – Mo 7:00 am, Tel. +36 83/311-160/2810

For further information, brochures, maps, etc. please visit the Tourinform office next to the Village Hall.
Tourinform Gyenesdiás, H-8315 Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi  u. 2.
Tel: +36 83/511-790,

Next to the pharmacy in Kossuth L. str. 89., in the Sporthouse you can find a corner with computer in the restaurant or in the library at the Village Hall: Mon-Thu:1.00 pm – 5.00 pm, Fri: 9.00 am – 12.00

Kékbalaton laundry in Avar Vezér str. 11, Tel. +36 83/316-613, good price/ kg. Take the roundabout in the direction of Balaton u., take the first street on the left.

In Gyenesdiás the Market awaits its guest from Easter until mid October . For further information about the exact opening hours and offers please contact us in our Tourinform Office ( 8315 Gyenesdiás, Hunyadi u. 2, Tel.: +36 83/511-790).

Manicure, pedicure
Suggested beautysalon: “Wellness Hotel Katalin Beautysalon”  . Make an appointment personally or by phoning: +36 83/311-324

Gyenes: in St. Ilona chapel, on sundays at 10 o’clock, and Diás: in ‘Havasboldogasszony’ church also on sundays at 11.45 o’clock

Suggested: Wellness Hotel Katalin. Make an appointment personally or by phone: +36 83/311-324

Money exchange
Although Hungary is not member of the European Monetary Union, there are fairly many places where euros are accepted.
The Hungarian currency is the Forint (1 Euro = approx. 300Forint). Money exchange is possible in travel agencies, banks and at official money exchange places. Forints can be changed back into foreign currency with the voucher issued when the money was changed.
Do not forget: never on the street!!!!

In the summer you will find mosquitos annoying. They love this climate. There are several lotions and sprays which protect against “szúnyogok”.

For information about museums and sights in the village and in the surrounding please see Suggested trips, sights.