Trip on the Balaton Bicycle Route

The Balaton Bicycle Route offers young and old alike a safe and pleasant bicycle trip.

Trips on the Balaton Bicycle Route

If someone would take a trip at the Lake Balaton firstly the Balaton Bicycle Route comes to one’s mind. But what treasures, detours can one find on these roads? If you are planning to make a trip by bicycle to the western region of the lake, please take a look at our recommendations! In the following, we are recommending some round trips from Gyenesdiás, which cyclists love because they drive through beautiful landscapes. The routes lead to both shores of the lake with many beautiful halts for cyclists, cooling beaches and spectacular views. We can continue our journey not only on land but also on water with the possibility of boat routes.

“Family road trip”
 Gyenesdiás – Vonyarcvashegy – Balatongyörök (boat route) – Balatonmáriafürdő – Balatonberény – Fenékpuszta – Keszthely – Gyenesdiás
Distance: 30 km, travel time approx. 2,5 hours
Our starting point is the Bringatanya (Bikers’ Den) – which is an excellent place to enjoy an ice cream – more so if we are lacking the starting energy for our trip. We leave towards Vonyarcvashegy where the St. Michael’s Hill gives a special experience. It is worth climbing for both the chapel on the top and for the marvellous panorama from there. At Balatongyörök beginners can travel by ship to Balatonmária from the pier next to the lovely beach of the settlement. Coming back from Balatonmária you should definitely stop at Fenékpuszta to visit the 400-year old Berki Betérő, the Roman ruins of Valcum and the bird ringing station. Our road takes us vie Keszthely back towards Gyenesdiás.

“Friendly road trip”
 Gyenesdiás – Balatongyörök – Balatonederics – Szigliget – Badacsony (hajózás) – Fonyód – Balatonfenyves – Balatonberény – Keszthely – Gyenesdiás
Distance: 65 km, travel time approx. 5 hours
With a group of friends it is worth taking a larger circle via Badacsony. We leave the “Family road” at Balatongyörök and go further to the Szépkilátó (Belleview), where you also have to “climb” a bit. At Balatonederics you find the Africa Museum which has the heritage of the great hunter dr. Endre Nagy. Szigliget is famous for the Castle Hill and the ruins of the castle. Looking down from the summit you will see one of the most beautiful landscapes of Hungary. In the peak season a cruise is also possible from Szigliget to Balatonmária, but we recommend for your company to go further towards Badacsony, and make sure to taste a glass of the famous “Kéknyelű” wine before you get on to Fonyód by ship. The bike route along the southern shore of Lake Balaton is broken with jolly beaches. The hills of the northern shore offer a beautiful view in nice weather.

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