Trip on the Balaton bicycle route

The Balaton bicycle route offers for young and old a safe and a pleasant bicycle trip.

Trip on the Balaton bicycle route

A. Keszthely is one of the starting points of the Balaton Bicycle Tour. We can bike along the promenade for a short time. The route leads by the sailing harbour. It is worth stopping for a short time to visit the beach at Alsógyenese (the so called „Little Beach”), which has preserved the atmosphere of the „old time summers by the Lake Balaton”. The Bringatanya (Bikers’ Den) is an excellent place to enjoy an ice-cream. St. Michael’s Hill at Vonyarcvashegy is worth climbing both for the chapel on the top and for the marvellous panorama from there. At Balatongyörök beginners can travel by ship to Balatonmária from the pier which is next to the nice beach of the settlement. Coming back from Balatonmária you should definitely stop at Fenékpuszta to visit the 400-year old Berki Betérõ, the Roman ruins (Valcum), and the birdbander station.

B. If you keep on biking towards Balatonederics you can stay at Szépkilátó (appr. Beauty Lookout, a part of Balatongyörök), where you also have to climb. At Balatonederics you find the African Museum which was the estate of Dr Endre Nagy – a great hunter. Szigliget is famous for the Castle Hill and the ruins of the castle. Looking down from this summit, you will see one of the most beautiful landscapes of Hungary. In the peak season a cruise is also possible from here to Balatonmária. The trip on the southern shore leads you along rows of shady trees.

C. It is worth biking a bit further on the safe by-pass road and the country houses and Csillagvár (appr. star castle) oat Balatonszentgyörgy will offer you several sights (waxworks, animal stroking, inn). On the way to Vörs you can also approach the
Little Balaton.

D. If you go on to Badacsony make sure you have a glass of the famous „Kéknyelû” wine there before you get on to Fonyód by ship. Jolly beaches break the bike route along the southern shore of Lake Balaton. The hills of the northern shore offer a beautiful view in nice weather.

Source: www.west-balaton.hu