Trips at the Small-Balaton by bike

Discover the beauty of the Kis-Balaton region.

Trips at the Small-Balaton

The undisturbed region of the Small-Balaton is best to be explored on two wheels. The routes lead through quiet villages and landscapes under natural conservation protection. The rich avifauna is an unforgettable experience for everyone and there are several places to be found designed directly to observe the colourful wildlife around the region. The buffalo reserve of Kápolnapuszta has the biggest herd of water buffalos in Hungary. Along the way the region also provides insight into its local history and ethnographic traditions.

Great circle from Gyenesdiás – blue „A”
 Gyenesdiás – Keszthely – Balatonszentgyörgy – Vörs – Kápolnapuszta – Kányavár – Balatonhídvég – Zalavár – Sármellék – Hévíz – Keszthely – Gyenesdiás – Vonyarcvashegy – Balatongyörök (boat route) – Balatonmáriafürdő – Balatonberény – Fenékpuszta – Keszthely – Gyenesdiás
Distance: 76 km, travel time approx. 6,5 hours
The nearest place where we can watch the avifauna of the Small-Balaton is the bird ringing station at Fenékpuszta. At Vörs you can find a small museum dedicated to the firefighters and a country house. At Kápolnapuszta the buffalo reserve awaits the hikers and at Balatonhídvég there is a lodge for those interested in the local birdlife. Zalavár is a small village, which can be proud of its great historical past: it was a palatial seat in the IXth century. The ruins of the former castle and the basilica of Récéskút have been uncovered by lengthly researches. The Small-Balaton Exhibition House offers an insight into the local history and the natural values. From Zalavár our route leads through Sármellék towards Keszthely. Our circle can be completed with a circle around the shores of the Lake Balaton – there is the opportunity to get a boat trip from Balatongyörök to Balatonmáriafürdő – and then we could get back to Keszthely and Gyenesdiás, where we can end the day with a well-earned rest. 

Tour of the Old-Grove from Gyenesdiás – blue „D”
 Gyenesdiás – Keszthely – Balatonberény junction – Vörs – Főnyed – Hollád – Balatonszentgyörgy – Balatonberény Centrum – Keszthely – Gyenesdiás
Distance: 38 km, travel time approx. 3,5 hours
Our road leads southwards from Balatonberény, along the eastern edge of the grove. Between the villages of Vörs and Főnyed the route leads to a dirt road.  During the tour we pass by the resting and hunting places popular for the water birds. From Hollád we turn back to the road towards Balatonszentgyörgy, where we can visit the “Star Castle”, the specially designed former hunting house of the Festetics-family. In Balatonberény we can relish the view of the northern shore of Lake Balaton, and at the end f our tour we can also take a dip in the water.

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