Trips at Small Balaton by bike

Discover the beauty of the Kis-Balaton region.

Trips at Small Balaton

A. The nearest place were we can watch birds is in the birdbander station at Fenékpuszta. There you get to know the catching of birds and a smaller zoo will be surely of interest for the young ones. At Balatonszentgyörgy next to the Gulya Csárda some Hungarian grey cattles idle peacefully. At Vörs you can find a small firefighting museum, regional cottages and a bird watching place if you go on the dirt road after the manor. If you plan an all-day trip, you should also include the „Star Castle”, where waxworks, animal stroking and a periodical country tavern give unforgettable experience.

B. Keszthely and the Little Balaton are not currently connected by a bike route, thus it is recommended to take the not that dangerous surfaced roads. Zalavár is a small township, which can be proud of a great historical past: basilica of Récéskút, the ruins of the abbey once property of the archbishop of Salzburg, a monument for Cirill and Method. The Little Balaton Exhibition House offers you an insight into the local wildlife. You can cycle in a nature reserve from the house to Balatonhídvég. If you go slowly you won’t disturb the birds! From the bird watching lodge of Hídvég you can see a real bird paradise.

C. If you go further on the public road from Little Balaton Exhibition House along the dike it is not worth stopping only for some refreshment. In Zalakaros a spa awaits for you offering a rejuvenating experience regardless of the season. There are also nice
restaurants around. The next stop is Kápolnapuszta, where dozens of peaceful water buffalos loiter – accompanied by birds. Homewards it is worth visiting the Island of Kányavár and the bird watching lodge of Hídvég.

D. You can complement also the B and the C trip with this route. You can go on the road which leads among the beasts if you buy admission ticket. After the nature reserve an excellent gritty road leads next to the strictly protected area to Vörs. You will probaly rarely meet other tourists, but often see birds and the special fauna of the swamp. The road is a nice alternative of the asphalted road but you have to bring water with you! Since you go somewhere, where only birds fly…

Source: www.west-balaton.hu